MacDuffie Sand & Gravel

Pavilion, Leroy & Batavia NY Stone & Gravel Prices

For over 60 years MacDuffie Sand & Gravel, located in Pavilion NY, has been serving the Batavia and Leroy, New York areas as a proud family owned and operated business. Our top quality unprocessed and processed materials are offered at low prices. All prices FOB Pavilion Center Road Pit. Trucking fees are separate.

Item**                                                                                                                           Starting December 1st:


Bank-Run Gravel $6.55 per yard
Sand $6.55 per yard
Fill $6.05 per yard
Overburden $5.75 per yard


Screened – Items #3 & #4
$8.25 per yard
Screened – Pea Gravel
$8.25 per yard
Screened Sand
$8.25 per yard
Screened Utility Sand $8.25 per yard
Screened Stone – 2" Minus
$8.25 per yard
Oversized Stone $8.25 per yard
Compost/Rotted Manure $9.20 per yard

*All prices are subject to change
** We reserve the right to limit materials and quantities.
Call to confirm prices for carryover projects that began prior to June 1, 2013.
Contact Us for Project-specific pricing.

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