MacDuffie Sand & Gravel

Pavilion, Leroy & Batavia NY Stone & Gravel Prices

For over 60 years MacDuffie Sand & Gravel, located in Pavilion NY, has been serving the Batavia and Leroy, New York areas as a proud family owned and operated business. Our top quality unprocessed and processed materials are offered at low prices. We are dedicated to offering the best products and services in the area! Your satisfaction is our priority. All prices FOB Pavilion Center Road Pit. Trucking fees are separate.

Item**                                                                                                                           Starting March 1st:


Bank-Run Gravel $6.95 per yard
Sand $7.05 per yard
Fill $6.50 per yard
Overburden $6.10 per yard


Screened – Items #3 & #4 $8.90 per yard
Screened – Pea Gravel $8.90 per yard
Screened Sand $8.75 per yard
Screened Utility Sand $8.75 per yard
Screened Stone – 2" Minus $8.75 per yard
Oversized Stone $8.75 per yard
Compost/Rotted Manure $9.80 per yard

*Prices effective until further notice
** We reserve the right to limit materials and quantities.
Call to confirm prices for carryover projects that began prior to March 1, 2016.
Contact Us for Project-specific pricing.

Call MacDuffie Sand & Gravel serving Pavilion, Leroy and Batavia, NY today at 585-739-8112 or 585-752-3600!